Syncfusion’s Xamarin Holiday Challenge

Syncfusion’s Xamarin Holiday Challenge

Syncfusion provides over 1,000 components and frameworks for applications, whether you are using Xamarin or any number of other programming tools.

What is the Xamarin Holiday Challenge?

It is designed to help deveolpers understand how easy it is to add Syncfusion’s controls into your project. In particular their Essential UI Kit for creating an onboarding walkthrough (think app tutorial) and a simple login page, plus you will integrate the Syncfusion Scheduler control into your app.

There are instructions for both Visual Studio for Windows and Visual Studio for Mac.

Getting Started

Once you create a blank project including both Android and iOS you will then use the Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms to quickly and easily add all the NuGet packages and files required for your Login Page and Walkthrough Page.

You will need to follow steps 5 – 12 to add additional pages and classes that will wire up your scheduler so it is presented to the user and functions correctly.

Be sure to initialize the SfSchedule NuGet package for iOS by adding the following code in the FinishedLaunching method of your AppDelegate file.


Adding Navigation

There are just three more files that need to be edited to configure your app for proper navigation from the Onboarding Walkthrough page to the Login Page and finally to the Scheduler.

Once you have finished you can test your app either on Android and iOS devices or emulators.

Submitting Your Project

Next you will need to use this form to fill in your contact details and upload your project.

Use the file-upload link to upload your completed project as a zip file (be sure to delete the bin and obj folders for each project in your solution). Then return to the form and paste the link under ‘Project link’.

Click Submit when finished and you will receive a success message as well as an email.


This is a very simple challenge that shows how easy it is to use Syncfusion controls within your app. You will receive a free 30 day trial to test out their entire collection of controls.

Plus you will get the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card just for completing the challenge.

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