I remember growing up playing games on the Atari 2600. I would spend hours playing all of the classics including Yars Revenge and Warlords. Later it was on to Nintendo and Super Mario Bros.

My parents picked up a Commodore 64 and I can remember my first stab at programming. You could input your name and birth date and the program would tell you how old you were.

I began my technical career as a computer technician working on DOS and Windows 3.1. One of my first projects was helping a large hospital roll out Windows 95 on all their computers. Then I was part of a project to migrate over 600 computers from MS Mail to Exchange.

Most recently, around September of 2015, I picked back up my love for programming. I published my first app to the Windows Store on April 5, 2016 and since then I have rewritten the app for iOS and Android using Xamarin.

Xamarin has become my favorite tool for building cross platform apps for iOS and Android. Therefore, I have decided to become a self proclaimed Xamarin Ambassador.

And that is where this story begins…